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Who is Erina?

Erina means "spiny", as in the Latin name for the European hedgehog. The first thing Americans need to know is: don't panic when you see someone pick up a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are not porcupines. They protect themselves passively, by curling up. Their spines are firmly attached to the animal, so there is no danger that you will have to pick them out from anyone's hands or from a dog's nose.

Unlike many Americans' feelings about porcupines, Europeans think that hedgehogs are cute. Apart from making for a friendly mascot, this is a good example of localization: knowing and addressing the foreign reader's expectations.

Here are some interesting hedgehog links.

British Hedgehog Preservation Society
• And going global, the Madagascar hedgehog – not an erinaceus (this is what Americans refer to when they say hedgehogs are sometimes kept as pets, while animal-welfare organizations object to this practice)

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