Adventures in Agile localization

Over the last years, a few Agile direct clients have found their way into my life. None of them mentioned the Agile approach upfront. Each just started sending me work and left me to discover what was going on. This is what I found they have in common: 1. The translation team is small. Before Agile, a project (think a…

Of flamingos and penguins

I have a friend who translates historical novels. We have the same job the way a penguin and a flamingo are both birds. She works from a printed source text. On paper! I can't even translate a four-line occasional poem for my neighbours without opening it in my CAT tool: Next to each English sentence, I need a text field…
Hörni Hörnchen, (C) 2017 R. Farn

The thing about mobility

This is the view from my desk. What exactly has happened to my bike? Should I maybe just stay home?